January 7th, 2011

Directv Swm
DirecTV SWM switch restrictions?

My builder does not think it was important for the theater section of the house that has two input lines video and is in the most favorable place to run a new line. I would be able to record / watch two channels at once, but I'm currently not can with my setup. Assuming that my HD DVR is compatible with SWM, what other kind of restrictions are there with SWM DirecTV technology? Is the coaxial line has to be a particular grade? Are there connections or special dishes for the plates to be used? If so, can be purchased or I have to buy DirecTV separately? Are there other options that would have with DirecTV to get two channels on my DVR with a single line in it? Thanks, Tim

Its more likely HDDVR SWM compatible, as long as it is an HR20 or later. About the only other restriction is weather or not other receivers are compatible. If you are only recipients base they need to be recipients of D12. The new the shiny black. Otherwise, it will not work with the SWM system. Wiring does not matter, I do not care what they say, you can run RG-59 cable that will work well. You do not need to change your dish out as long as you have the slimline dish. All you need is the SWM LNB for it. You also need power insertion SWM and the splitter. You can get DirecTV to install this in general, but sometimes it can be very stupid about it. You may try to talk to a local dealer, usually do it for you. Where do you live? I'll see if you're around and willing to pay.

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